The banquet halls and rooms of wonderful design of "Chalabi Khan" restaurant are in your disposal if you want to celebrate birthdays, banquets and other ceremonies inimitably. Wonderful banquet halls for 18 and 25 people composed of engraving work, wonderful ornaments will present you pleasant moments. You can order a menu for convenient price here. There is no word for rich kitchen and service of high quality. Come to "Chalabi Khan" restaurant if you want to be served like khans.

Banquet hall ( for 25 people )

House for hunters ( for 8 people )

Russian nights ( for 6 people ) Finnish barrel ( for 4 people )
Cabin of the fisher ( for 6 people ) Cabaret ( for 5 people )
Tapkan ( for 10 people ) Upper banquet hall ( for 10 people )

"Chalabi Khan" banquet hall