Kitchen of Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient, rich and delicious kitchens of the world. Kitchen of Azerbaijan is not only meals and the methods of their cooking technology, but also the principal part of the material culture. Kitchen of Azerbaijan combines the kitchen culture, its history, philosophy, the table psychology, traditions, physiology, hygiene, chemistry, equipment, ethics, aesthetics, poetics and other aspects of kitchen, aswell as practical traditions established by the people of Azerbaijan on the areas that they inhabit in harmony with the environment.

Naturally, the most important factor exerting influence on the establishment and development of kitchen is climate. It is necessary to state that 8 climate zones pass through the area of Azerbaijan Republic and it provides variety and richness of the flora and fauna of this area and establishes favorable condition for living and development of all kinds of animals and plants. These are principal basis for establishment of a rich kitchen. Besides utilization of wild animals, birds, fish and plants, production of agricultural products in the next development period of the society is required for establishment of a rich kitchen. Therefore, the people shall have high husbandry and cattle breeding culture.

The principal factor exerting influence on the kitchen after the climate is the hearth. For example, some sweet cakes, meals cooked in water and stewed meals available in the Slavic kitchen, especially in the Russian kitchen forwarded the possibilities of the Russian stove. Establishment and development of the kitchen of Azerbaijan is related to various types of open and close hearts such as tendir, kure, fire-place, kulfe (oven built of bricks), hole hearth, saj, brazier and others.

Unique kitchen utensils and kitchen equipment exerted influence on our kitchen either. Nowadays our housewives use different types of kitchen utensils made of animal leather, stone, wood, clay, metal and other materials. It is necessary to state that the most ancient samovar of 3700 years old was found in Azerbaijan (on the area of Sheki) and it is more ancient than the samovar of Egypt which is 2000 years old.