This part is considered for ordering meals through internet. Working, studying people, generally people having heavy working regime complain of lack of time. Besides, sometimes housewives being busy a lot have no time to cook something for evening. The highest superiority of this service is provision of comfort. We would like to state specially one matter that this service is for free. The client shall only pay for the meals that he\she ordered. These prices are the prices paid in the restaurant. You can order meals at any time a day. Your orders are delivered directly to your address and it is very important for your comfort.

This service is deemed for the people who like innovation. Let’s confess sincerely that we are usually accustomed to the sameness. It is more comfortable for us to go to the same places and to eat the same meals. But innovations are always interesting and unique.

You can make acquaintance with the patterns of one of the most ancient, rich and delicious kitchens of the world kitchen of Sheki and with their prices. Thus, you shall only order meals according to your taste. Order